July solution

23 07 2018

Click on thumbnail to see the solution to the July puzzle.

August solution

28 08 2017

The solution for the August puzzle, Learn ’em, Show ’em is here:

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

December solution

23 12 2016

For the solution to the December puzzle, Carol’s Christmas, click on the thumbnail.


November solution

21 11 2016

The solution for the November puzzle, At last November Atlas, can be found by clicking on the thumbnail.


September solution

19 09 2016

Click on the image below for the solution to the September puzzle, Sepia Remembrance:


August solution

19 08 2016

The solution for the August puzzle (‘A Gust of Regeneration) is below. Just click on the thumbnail to see the whole grid.



December solution

6 06 2016

Click on thumbnail below to reveal solution:


Note from Ted:

My apologies that I have not been keeping up with posting these Anglican Messenger crossword puzzles. I intend now to post one each week, either a puzzle or a solution, until I have caught up! I hope you continue to enjoy solving these little puzzles.

Knoctober 15 solution

28 10 2015

September solution

8 10 2015

June solution

1 07 2015

The solution to the Well-June puzzle for June can be found here: June solution