March Hair Tangle

2 03 2012



1. Go by Leach or tour around with singing group. (7)

7. Extend over trips; alter Biblical song book. (7)

13. The Authorised Version in what did the holy man in Wales. (5)

14. Mobs, I hear, with flowering herbs. (5)

15. Slide and meet cathedral’s priest. (4)

16. Burro ancient equine colour. (4)

17. Ceased to exist in parodied piece. (4)

19. Gospel bottled in demijohns. (4)

20. A thousand out of the stirred balm on the white robe. (3)

22. PNG town in bougainvillea. (3)

23. Eggs in supernova. (3)

24. Prohibit lawyers. (3)

25. The twisted ear is to be lifted up. (5)

27. Rococo even passed over little old Anglican Church. (3)

28. Upset nine for the hell of fire! (7)

32. Little Pan-African Congress on condition that Jesus Christ in Rome will keep it peaceful. (7)

36. One hundred Bornean mahogany out of the stormy lacuna. (5)

37. Gnocchi rerolls across the person who rents. (5)

38. Always within the believer. (4)

39. Nothing out of folded yogas is redolent with the herb. (4)

40. Makes mistake: I am not on the broken riser. (4)

42. What belongs to little Alfred is in the calfskin. (4)

43. Neat aorist bridges Chinese way. (3)

45. Why not cosy with Eastern Church from Serbia? (3)

46. Those who look after animals found inside – coveting. (3)

47. Rot put back over headland. (3)

49. Gets feet wet as dew re-forms. (5)

51. The skipping ram is set to spoil. (3)

52. Halcyon Derry is across there. (6)

53. Trust ads spread around like interstellar particles. (8)



1. Can nosy malice stop a disturbance in a kind and altruistic manner? (15)

2. Overdosed on strange. (3)

3. Name poorly read Arab leader. (4)

4. A vial spilled was sufficient to do the trick. (5)

5. Bridged violin earned a straight line. (6)

6. Executive Director began to edit. (2)

7. Pages of small peas. (2)

8. She gets around a little Remotely Operative Vehicle just before Lent. (6)

9. Tarnished a halo when welcomed to Hawaii. (5)

10. Connect solo Anglican on credit. (4)

11. Disemvowelled Texan. (3)

12. Disturbed rest recurs when brings back from the dead. (10)

18. The minister canoed clumsily. (6)

19. Biased J hopes to be Pharaoh’s offsider. (6)

21. Make someone puzzled by confusing flea shortly before. (6)

24. I get out briefly of high church architectural feature. (6)

26. Moon ten of Jupiter? (2)

29. The Mother of All a well-turned cornice. (4)

30. Us? Err? Confused by those who regret. (5)

31. Not wide nor war turns up. (6)

33. Lassie set loose among the pews. (6)

34. Special skill in aeroplanes. (5)

35. Is e.g. mixed up with the independent evangelical groups. (4)

41. Inveigling money by deceit put a hundred on Sam. (4)

42. Hail, Regina Terrae, and turn away. (5)

44. Hope not in a cross that is not closed. (4)

47. You and you, Roman, are a famous and much-loved bishop. (4)

48. Beginner mixed up in affray. (4)

50. The sad German is back. (3)




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23 06 2014
badge 25mm

Hi there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew
where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?
I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?
Thanks a lot!

23 06 2014

My tech knowledge doesn’t stretch that far – but search Or one of the followers of this blog may be able to help? Ted

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